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Permanent Fillers Cost

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Permanent Fillers Cost

Many people think that age lines are a fact of life. This does not need to be the case

Permanent Fillers, are used for treating facial problems including unwanted wrinkles, and loss of contour. They are also used for revitalizing skin as well as creating volume. There is no need to be concerned about permanent fillers cost as we are able to provide the highest quality products at unbelievable prices.

How do they work?

These types of permanent fillers are known as polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA). They contain about 20% of minuscule PMMA microspheres. These are suspended in 80% purified collagen gel. A few months following its injection, the collagen gel breaks down. At this point your body starts to produce its own natural collagen to fill the space under the skin.

The PMMA microspheres in our products are not absorbed by the body and therefore deliver permanent support for wrinkle reduction

What can I expect?

Once permanent filler is injected, the effect can last for around 6 years. New, youthful contours are permanently assimilated into the skin structure. This eliminates the need for touch up injections and repeat treatments.

Since the product is not animal-derived there is no need for allergy testing, so your treatment can proceed without any delay.  Our products are simple to use and to receive, with minimal preparation and a very low risk of complications. Thanks to our 2% lidocaine content your treatment will be comfortable and easy.

No need to worry about high permanent fillers cost, our prices are as impressive as our products.

What can they treat?

Our range of permanent fillers can be used to address

  • Marionette lines, Brow/glabellar folds
  • Nasolabial folds, lip augmentation
  • Facial wasting, atrophic acne scarring

Permanent fillers cost that is so low you will be amazed!