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9ml Mesolift Kit Skin Rejuvenation

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Quick Overview:

Juveni Skin Rejuvenation Kit 9ml with:
Dmae 3%
Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg
Organic Silicium 5mg
Alfa Lipolic Acid 2.5mg
Lidocaína 1%

This kit contains:
3 x 3ml syringes 
3 Meso Needles BD 30G 13mm



Restylane filler and Skin Rejuvenation


  • Improved skin hydration and elasticity
  • Enhanced skin tonicity
  • Disappearance of fine lines
  • Balanced skin pigmentation
  • Products used are biocompatible, microbiologically safe and from non-animal origin. 

Why should I choose Mesolift Fine Lines?

Mesolift is a treatment that can produce refreshed, high resolution results. JUVENI Mesolift is designed to tighten loose skin throughout the face and neck area for total skin rejuvenation. The process consists of a series of micro-injections. As with all JUVENI products, Mesolift also contains an extraordinary ration of Lidocaine (2%), for the most comfortable restorative treatment possible. This is an improvement on previously available products such as restylane filler.

The Mesolift or Mesoglow is not an alternative to a surgical facelift but it can do amazing things for  skin rejuvenation , dramatically improving dry, tired and sun-damaged skin. Those factors that contribute to an "old, haggard" face deep with wrinkles are exactly was skin rejuvenation in the form of the MesoLift or Mesoglow is effective against.

If you have a special event coming up and need effective and fast results then facial mesotherapy like restylane filler or Mesolift fine lines could be the answer. Side effects and complications are minimal, while impressive results are generally seen within a day. In some cases patients see them immediately! 

What’s inside Mesolift Fine lines?

Your Juveni skin rejuvenation kit contains the following active ingredients: 

  • Dmae 3%
  • Hyaluronic acid 100 mg
  • Organic silicium 5mg
  • Alfa lipolic acid 2.5mg
  • Lidocaína 1%

You will receive:

  • 3 x 3ml syringes
  • 3 Meso Needles BD 30G 13mm


Who is it suitable for?

Adults aged 18 – 65 who require a quick non-surgical skin rejuvenation solution to wrinkles and folds in the skin.


How does it work?

The Mesolift is a series of micro-injections that can revitalize the skin, remove fatty deposits from the neck area and tighten loose skin in the face and neck area. Thanks to this process it is possible to achieve a natural looking and non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Juveni  Mesolift Fine Lines offers all of the benefits of restylane filler but at a great price.

When will I receive my order?

We ship worldwide, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada. Our delivery time is six business days for international orders but is often only 2 – 4 days thanks to our network of warehouses.

Your order will arrive via USPS, Royal Mail, Canadian Post or Australian Post


Included in the kit: 3 x 3ml BD syringes, needles, brochures.
Expiration: Two years
Delivery Time: Fast 24-72h in USA, Uk, Canada. Six business days internationally.
Shipping Carries: Fedex, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail, Canadian Post, Australian Post
How long does it last? Dermal treatment without defined permanence.

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